Mackler Associates Announces Passing Of Founder Leona Mackler, Ph.D

With a heavy heart, Mackler Associates has the somber task of announcing the passing of our company founder, Leona Mackler, Ph.D.  Over the last year, Dr. Mackler faced a confluence of medical issues with her characteristic determination, grit, and sardonic humor.  She remained feisty and optimistic until the end.

From her early days in elementary school, Dr. Mackler envisioned only one career path – education.  She began her long and distinguished professional career in the classrooms of the St. Louis Public School system, and her superiors recognized her exemplary abilities by rapidly promoting her to administrative positions, from principal to eventually deputy superintendent, the latter involving handling key tasks from restructuring the curriculum to assisting with the massive process of desegregation.

Dr. Mackler returned to her love of direct interaction with students when she founded Mackler Associates in 1982.  Starting with tutoring sessions out of her home, she soon built up a business with a unique focus on customized and individualized instruction through tutoring, test preparation, and mentoring services.  She considered her legacy the successful life paths of the thousands of students she helped over the decades, motivating them to see that with dedication and the right attitude they could achieve what they once thought unachievable.

“I have had the privilege of working side-by-side with Dr. Mackler for eighteen years at Mackler Associates; she was my mentor and my friend.  Together we tutored, counseled and mentored hundreds of students, from grade school to grad school, celebrating with them as they realized their educational and academic dreams.  That journey will continue.” – Jason S. Marks, President of Mackler Associates.

Mackler Associates’ motto is “Moving Minds Forward” – and forward into the future, we will go, steadfast in our belief that every student, at every stage of the learning process, with the right guidance can make progress, measured not just in higher grades and test scores but in greater self-confidence and self-esteem.  We intend to honor our motto and the legacy of our dear friend by continuing to deliver our wide array of educational programs with the same combination of expertise, compassion, and commitment Dr. Mackler modeled every day.

To those who offered condolences, thank you for your kindness and support.