Why Summer Can and Should be Productive

According to graduates, college is harder to get into today than it was twenty years ago. Fortunately, today there are significantly more options available for students to improve their chances of being accepted to colleges and universities than ever before.

Battling Resistance

This isn’t something that any student wants to hear—especially during summer break. However, looking into summer school, or better yet, an online college course will provide a valuable learning experience.

Furthermore, such courses can potentially improve recruitment chances, reduce overall tuition costs, and give students a better overall feel for what they might want to study. By enrolling in online college classes, you can gain valuable experiences through established universities, improve your academic standing, and prepare you for what to expect as a student in college.

Minimal Commitment

While this may sound like a lot of work and commitment, it can be done by simply devoting a few hours per week to one or two college courses. This will take discipline, but its value can’t be understated.

Why This is Important

In our world of information, we are expected to know more and to do research independently, so any chance we can prove our ability to do this is a valuable one. However, to pique a more casual interest, one can always take a Coursera.org course, which are completely free.

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