Tutoring in St. Louis

Students and parents both want academic success – high grades and the pride that comes with achievement. Our belief about tutoring is that any student, regardless of skill or ability, can become a high achiever. Our tutors know from years of experience that students underperform because they have not learned the right approach or pathway to success.

The difference between average course performance (a “C” student) and high performance (an “A” student) turns on what a student does outside of the classroom.

Any school has the same essential components: attendance, class participation, attentiveness, homework, and testing. Most teachers give students points for each category; however, simply showing up on a regular basis and “doing” homework will not guarantee a good grade.

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The fun yet challenging environment we offer with our learning center test prep encourages learning and keeps the focus on student success.

While no two students learn exactly alike in exactly the same manner, all students must struggle with independent learning. Where do I do my homework? When do I do my homework? How do I do my homework? Am I well organized? If not, how can I become better organized? Do I know how to study for quizzes and tests? If not, how can I develop better study skills? Students who discover the answers to these questions become high achievers.

Tutoring in St. Louis

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Our St. Louis tutoring services help students become stronger, independent learners by developing a customized approach to organization, cognition, and retention. Students can spend hours working very hard but working inefficiently to the point their effort fails to translate into results. Our tutoring program creates personalized organizational plans so that students learn how to maximize time, work efficiently, and retain key information not just for the short term but for the long term.

After integrating our customized learning approach, our students

  • Know how to schedule their time in and out of school
  • Regularly complete and turn in assignments
  • Do more with less by working efficiently and smart
  • Do not fear pop quiz
  • Regularly come to class prepared to learn and lead discussions
  • Know where to find the information they need online and in the library

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College Entrance

Graduate School

Benefits of One-on-One Tutoring

All children do not respond the same in a classroom setting. Despite a teacher’s best efforts, that teacher will present information in a way that simply fails to “click” for some of the students. Because kids have varied learning styles and attention spans, as well as different baseline abilities in particular subjects, we know that some students simply underperform in the classroom. Consequently, many students can benefit from one-on-one tutoring sessions, whether with online tutoring sessions or in person with a teacher. A tutoring program can do wonders for a child’s confidence and understanding and relieve a worried parent.

Individual tutoring and academic coaching can have long-lasting effects on the academic future of a child. Once a student gets accustomed to one-on-one tutoring, they may continue to use tutors for SAT prep or even as a college student, increasing their chances of academic success.

So what are the benefits of tutoring one-on-one?

  • Private tutoring can tailor to a child’s learning style (i.e. – visual learner)
  • A private tutor can provide a deeper dive into individual subjects like math, writing, or social studies
  • More time for students to question a concept they don’t understand
  • An instructor can individualize lessons to target areas of weakness and increase test scores
  • Sessions can be scheduled for time lengths that suit a child’s learning needs

If your child is in need of one-on-one tutoring, schedule a tutoring appointment with Mackler Associates today. Let us put our years of individualized instruction experience to use for your child!

SAT and ACT Tutoring Service

The SAT and ACT are standardized tests that assess readiness for college. Both of them are used by many colleges to determine admissions, so having a high score can increase your chances of being accepted.

SAT Tutoring Service

Both the SAT and the ACT have their own unique structure and format, but both tests are important in the process of determining whether or not you get accepted into the college of your dreams.

What you get with an SAT Tutor

  • Personalized, private tutoring from an expert tutor
  • SAT Tutoring is a structured way to improve SAT Score
  • An SAT Tutor improves motivation and accountability
  • Practice questions

SAT Tutors can also encourage students to trust their instincts when answering questions. This is a strategy that can be especially useful for the SAT math and SAT reading sections.

ACT Tutoring Service

ACT tutoring can help students improve their ACT exam scores, increase confidence, and prepare for college admissions. ACT tutors can provide advice on how to study as well as test-taking strategies to improve ACT scores. They can also help students manage their test anxiety and learn key study skills.

What you get with an ACT Tutor

  • Individualized lessons in a private tutoring session
  • Help identify knowledge gaps
  • ACT tutor can administer a practice exam
  • Reduce text anxiety
  • Increase the skill of test-taking

If you are looking to increase your ACT score or SAT score, private tutoring with Mackler Associates might just be your answer. Call today to inquire about a tutoring session or ACT prep program.