About Mackler Associates

About Mackler Associates

Our staff of highly-trained professionals tailors instruction to meet the needs of each student’s individual learning style. Our one-on-one setting ensures that each student receives the attention and feedback he or she deserves. And the fun yet challenging environment we offer encourages learning, and keeps students focused on their success.

Individual, one-on-one instruction

We customize our instruction approach to match each student’s learning style. We know that everyone learns differently, and we work hard to obtain a personable and rewarding learning experience.

Instructors with years of successful experience

The tutors and instructors employed by Mackler Associates are highly trained and thoroughly educated academic mentors that have all of the experience necessary to help your child succeed.

Flexible scheduling with same instructor

We know that between a home life, school, any extra-circular activities and work, it can be difficult to make a schedule work for test preparation. We’re skilled and experienced with comprising a flexible and amicable schedule that will work for you and your family.

St. Louis company that understands St. Louis schools

Nobody knows St. Louis schooling systems quite like Mackler Associates. We’re a St. Louis based company that understands the inner-workings and commonalities with your child’s education; which helps us to know what your child will need to be fully prepared for secondary education opportunities.

One place for all your educational needs

While several other test prep organizations and tutors are proficient in a specific study or field, Mackler Associates comes with a well-rounded and fully informed approach that tackles every subject your child will encounter during standardized testing.

Get To Know Us!

Jason S. Marks, J.D., President

A native of St. Louis, Jason Marks always exhibited a passion for knowledge and a gift to impart that knowledge to others. Having been “kicked up” several grades in math early in elementary school, he tutored junior high school students in algebra using an instructional book he wrote as a project in sixth grade.

The recipient of a National Merit Scholarship, Mr. Marks attended the Honors College at the University of Missouri, graduating magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology and minors in economics and religious studies and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. Mr. Marks attended Washington University School of Law as a Scholar of Law Award recipient.
After graduation, Mr. Marks became a member of the Missouri Bar and practiced in the fields of criminal defense, civil liberties, appellate, and family law. He has authored numerous law review articles, including an oft-cited piece on affirmative action in higher education.

Mr. Marks joined Mackler & Associates as its Director of Operations, principal tutor, and instructor in 2000, where he has worked successfully with hundreds of students, from elementary school children to young men and women in graduate school. Mr. Marks has a unique ability to teach a broad range of subjects, from explaining fractions or the comma to a third grader to calculus or German existentialism to college students, and to do so in a manner that caters to the individual learning style of the student. Together with Dr. Mackler, he has developed an adaptive, dynamic approach to teaching that produces amazing outcomes and inspires students to feel that they can achieve their academic and career goals.