Tutoring Programs and the Post-COVID Pandemic Educational Gap

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For nearly two years amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students were forced into various distance learning situations as schools were compelled to make virtual learning the norm. Not only that but school districts faced teacher shortages, higher absent rates, and school closure. While educators did their best to adapt, unfortunately, student learning has suffered over the last two years creating a major learning gap for some students.

In a study done by Brookings, test scores in math and reading during the pandemic showed a significant drop from those just before the pandemic, highlighting the effects of learning loss during the school year. School leaders, educators, and parents are left to figure out how to close the educational gap left by online learning and the mental distress of a global pandemic.

The Value of Tutoring Sessions

Though COVID-19 still afflicts thousands of people per day, many schools are in full session. The educational lag caused by COVID can be difficult for a student to overcome by themselves. Now that we seem to be through the worst of it, the school staff has the benefit of having children back in class physically, and the learning gap is more apparent, we have to figure out exactly how to close it. As TIME points out, tutoring has been shown to be the most effective way to raise student achievement.

Mackler Associates tutoring services are a good solution for disadvantaged children and teens who are having difficulty with school due to remote learning or other setbacks during the COVID pandemic. These programs consist of one-on-one tutoring sessions. Tutoring sessions are available no matter the student’s grade level.

The Mackler Advantage

A high level of collaboration and communication between tutor and student is paramount. Mackler’s tutor-student relationship is marked by sincerity, closeness, empathy, and acceptance. This relationship is essential for developing a successful tutoring program and enables a student’s successful adjustment to a high school or higher education setting.

Tutors should be appropriately trained and have the necessary skills to teach students. More importantly, individualized attention insures that a tutor is correctly identifying and helping to strengthen subjects that students are struggling with.

At Mackler, we pride ourselves on a personalized approach to help turn students’ weaknesses into strengths. We develop a plan to supplement your child’s school program, find those learning gaps that may have developed throughout the pandemic, and provide the structure to help them catch up.

Many students have difficulty learning in a classroom environment as it is, leading to disengagement or other struggles. More directed attention from a tutor could be the solution to helping a child make up for the learning loss suffered during the remote learning of the pandemic. A more confident student is a more engaged student in the classroom.

Mackler’s tutoring services provide a vital solution for students who have difficulty understanding core course material due to COVID-19. If your student has experienced an educational gap because of the pandemic and needs help catching up, let Mackler Associates help. Our high-quality, professional tutoring has proven successful for countless students. At Mackler, we move minds forward.

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