Start Off the School Year on the Right Foot with Mackler Associates

Mackler Associates, a Saint Louis tutoring service, has been working with students for 36 years to help improve their academic performance, standardized test scores, and college application essays.  Mackler Associates has provided ACT tutoring services in the Saint Louis area to help students achieve their dreams and help them get into the college or university of their choice. Mackler Associates can also help students with SAT tutoring services if needed. Some students have gone onto well-known universities in the local area or country such as Boston College, Georgetown University, Purdue University, University of Alabama, University of Florida, Washington University, University of Wisconsin, University of Michigan, and Saint Louis University. There are a lot more academic universities not stated that students have gone on to as well. Mackler has had many students earn full scholarships and the overall scholarships have averaged around $40,000 over the course of undergraduate study. Mackler Associates will gladly work with students to help them reach their potential in all areas.

As summer is ending and the school year starts, it is smart to get ahead of schedule with the course load. As a student gets older, the schoolwork gets a little harder each year. If a student starts to struggle with low test grades or low scores earlier in the year, it is harder to climb back up with grades to get the best possible letter grade. Even one bad test score will be hard to come back from. If a student starts getting help with tutoring before the tests and homework begin, then this will help them prepare for the test scores and homework when it is assigned. A good idea is to invest in a tutor such as Mackler Associates in order to increase a student’s chances of good study habits and testing preparation.  Mackler Associates is here to help your student prepare for all areas of high school.