Have You Had Problems With the Common App? You’re Not Alone

The New York Times recently reported that the Common Application online system has been overwrought with glitches and it has caused turmoil for students trying to get their applications timely filed before the early decision deadlines.

As some background, the Common Application made some changes this year.  Some thought these changes mainly streamlined the application, changed some of the essay prompts, and simplified the supplements.  However, the folks who run the Common App actually revamped their entire application software.  Consequently, all of the bugs have not been worked out and the volume of applications has created a big problem.

First, students have experienced problems accessing accurate versions of their application; the preview of the essays seem to print incorrectly; and delays in submission have occurred.

Second, colleges have had problems receiving applications using the new software.  As a result, the colleges are anywhere from one to eight weeks behind in processing applications, which is particularly dire for early applicants with deadlines rapidly approaching.

As a result of the problems, many schools have extended the early application deadlines. We encourage you to check the websites of each school to which you are applying early to see if the date has been extended.  It might give you a big sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it seems as though all the glitches will be worked out by the end of the month, so the next big cycle of applicants should process normally.

If you have questions about the Common Application, contact us — we can help!