The New Common Core Testing

The goal of bringing Common Core testing to American students should be commended. However, the means in which it’s being executed has become a bit frustrating to students and parents alike. The need for constant testing to ensure students and more importantly schools are held accountable has started to become overwhelming. As the country continues to fall in the international academic rankings it is clear the powers that be, believe testing is the course to reconciliation and have looked to China as the ideal model. But what is missing from this equation is the great lengths in which China has gone and even more so the sacrifices of the students and parents. Yong Zhoa wrote,

“The truth is that the testing culture of China has taken a big toll. Corruption such as bribery, cheating and other forms of fraud intended to boost test results has been rampant in the past as well as today. Stress, anxiety, poor physical health and a lack of social and practical life skills are well-known characteristics of Chinese students.”

America has already begun the common core experiment and it’s only a matter of time until we learn if it was worth it or not.

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