Mentoring in St. Louis

Every student walks around wondering, and even asking aloud,

“What do I want to do when I grow up?”

Every parent walks around wondering, and even asking aloud,

“Will my child ever grow up? When? Can I get a rough estimate?”

We see education as a process that involves far more than learning the basics, pushing for higher grades or finding the right college. Education means learning about the inner you – understanding and embracing your individuality, your personality, your aspirations, your likes and dislikes, your strengths and needs. Education means considering your life path and the directions it could lead.

We encourage students to focus on their life path and to see how today’s decisions can impact tomorrow’s choices.

Too often we have initial client meetings that involve some type of regret – if only we had thought about this before! Choosing the right high school and having real success sets the field of choices for college. Choosing the right college and having real success sets the field of choices for graduate school and a career. Poor performance or poor choices at any step of the process can limit, and even eliminate, future opportunity.

Increase Your Test Score

The fun yet challenging environment we offer encourages learning and keeps students focused on their success.

Mentoring in St. Louis

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In our mentoring program, we help students and parents see the individual life path and critically examine which direction to take on this very personal journey. We talk frankly and realistically about academic fits, social opportunities, educational benchmarks, career requisites, performance ranges and financial constraints. We discuss options and alternatives that focus less on short term status and gratification and more on long term attainment of the most important life path goals.

As a mentor, as a life coach, we help parents and students work collaboratively to maximize their efforts so they work with, rather than against, each other. We help bring clarity to an individual student’s pursuits and tranquility to the family helping to make dreams a reality.

We work with student and parents over an extended period to craft a customized path to personal achievement and offer the necessary guidance, instruction and experience as the family embarks on a bold adventure. We start with you in the development stage and stay with you to that moment of triumph when you venture forth into your chosen career.

Mentoring has several stages in the process.

Stage 1

In the first stage, we help you answer questions of personal identity.
Who am I?
What do I like to do?
What dreams do I have for my future?
What are my strongest skills?
What are my areas of greatest need?
In what environments do I feel most comfortable? We help you take a critical look at your personal inventory and indicate the possible paths available to you. We encourage you to be realistic and daring. We help you find your passion and assist you in seeing you can meet the challenges on the road to your dreams.

Stage 2

In the second stage, we examine different path possibilities and what would be required to successfully reach the end of that path. Each road has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we explore those dimensions. Will I have the time and commitment to stay on this path? Do I have the academic prerequisites? Do I have the resources? What type of assistance will I need to see the finish line? At the end of this stage, we choose a particular path and create an action plan that takes the vision and puts it into a series of well-defined and attainable steps and goals.

Stage 3

In the third stage, we provide counseling, tutoringtest preparation and other support to facilitate execution of the action plan. Perhaps the greatest advantage of choosing our mentoring program is the ability to have so many services delivered by one highly experienced provider with whom the student has an established relationship.

In a world of too little and too many choices, charting a life path can be daunting, even before factoring in personal preferences, relative abilities and desire, financial resources and long-term persistence and dedication. We help families examine the possibilities and navigate a path to personal fulfillment.

We encourage you to visit the Mentoring Case Studies Page to learn how we have helped students and parents in a variety of situations find success and happiness. Whatever your circumstances, whatever your aspirations, we can help you connect your vision with a concrete and doable plan of action.