Engage in Activities and Learning Through the Summer

We can all feel it: the sunshine, the coming heat, and the presence of kids around the house during the day. That means that the summer months are finally upon us.

While it’s important to allow your children to enjoy their lengthy summer vacation, it’s equally important to find ways to keep them engaged academically. It can be tough to jump back into the swing of daily classes, studying, tests, and time commitment if all of the aforementioned gets stripped away for several months.

It’s necessary to keep the mind jogging, the body moving, and the creative juices flowing over their time off to ensure that they can hit the ground running at the start of the new school year. If children are engaged at the start of the year, they’re much more likely to perform well and finish strong. Let them enjoy their time off just as you would on a vacation; rest is important. But it’s not such a bad idea to take them out to throw a ball around, take the dog for a walk or run, have them read a book or even watch educational programs or documentaries. These things can and should be enjoyable too!

The U.S Department of Education released a blog about ways to approach this kind of activity with your children from their last day to their first day. Click here to read more!