College Admissions Assistance in St. Louis

Getting the right college admissions assistance is an essential part of any student’s journey to college. If you’re unsure about the admissions process or want to have an extra pair of eyes on your application, hiring a college admissions consultant like Mackler may be just what you need.

Achieve Your Academic Goals

At Mackler Associates, we provide the resources and guidance needed to reach your academic goals. Get the extra edge you need by taking advantage of our tutoring, ACT/SAT  test prep, and college admission assistance services.

College admission becomes more competitive each year and the college application process can be downright confusing. Oh, and don’t forget about the complications of financial aid. Many prospective students are left feeling overwhelmed and lost.

That doesn’t mean you should give up on your higher education dreams.

Take advantage of college admissions assistance from Mackler Associates!

Understand the College Fit Concept

Not every college or university is a good fit for every student. Every institution has strengths and weaknesses, just as each student does. Finding the right school to support your goals, growth, extracurricular activities, and overall learning will ensure you have the best college experience.

Mackler Associates will walk you through college fit considerations to help ensure you find the best learning environment for you.

Supplemental Essays Made Easy

Many highly-selective universities require prospective students to write a supplemental essay in addition to the common application questions and personal statement.

We understand that supplemental essays can be daunting, but with our expertise, we can help make them manageable. Mackler Associates offers guidance in essay writing to help ease your college admission experience. Don’t let a college essay deter you from chasing the school of your choice.’

College Application Tutor

Mackler Associates takes great pride in offering an exceptional college application tutoring service to aspiring students. We understand the significance of the college application process and strive to guide students through every step of their journey toward their dream school.

With personalized attention and expert advice through a tutoring session, we work closely with students to help them craft compelling personal statements in a college application essay, showcase their achievements and strengths in their essay writing, and navigate the intricate college admission landscape. By instilling confidence and honing essential skills in applicants, we empower students to present their best selves to universities and colleges, maximizing their chances of acceptance to their dream school.

Increase Your Test Score

High school students know the stress of a standardized test. Mackler Associates provides high-quality tutoring services and test prep to help improve your ACT/SAT scores. With personalized instruction and practice tests, we will give you the confidence and knowledge needed to do great on test day! College enrollment is right around the corner.

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College Interview Training & Resume Writing

You’ve figured out the right college fit and now you’re ready to go through the admissions process. Now it’s time to start thinking about how to really wow the admissions office of your chosen school.

College interviews, like job interviews, can be highly stressful. Let Mackler Associates walk you through the interview process and practice your talking points. We can prepare you for likely questions and how to handle them.

Get help writing the perfect college resume that will help highlight to your college admissions counselor why you’re a great choice. We’ll help you properly summarize your knowledge and experience to leave no doubt with the admissions office that you are a quality candidate.

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The college admissions process can look vastly different from student to student. We can help. Whether you are weighing scholarship offers, bettering your test scores, or just trying to figure out where to get started, Mackler Associates has the expertise to help.

Mackler Associates, the premiere Chesterfield ACT SAT prep tutor, takes pride in being your solution for tutoring all grades and subjects. We prep students for standardized admissions tests, mostly ACT and SAT, but also the SSAT and ASVAB tests. Our SAT tutor sessions are designed to effectively prepare students for the real SAT and other college admissions tests. We believe every student can get better, every student has their own personal way of finding answers, and the tutor’s job is to lead them toward reaching their full potential. Mackler moves minds forward.