The High School Child

The High School Child

High school sets the stage not just for college, but for graduate school and for a career. Success or failure in high school does not automatically translate into success or failure in college or in life. However, the poorer one performs in high school, the more limited the opportunities for college and the more difficult the path to a successful career. Conversely, strong academic success in high school cannot guarantee great college choices or success in college.Given that most employers in practically any field at any pay range will expect a college degree or beyond in today’s modern economy, every high school student needs to think seriously about high school success, which means not simply good grades, but developing the vital skills necessary to survive (and hopefully thrive) in college and beyond. In high school, everything counts, so one bad freshman year weighs just as heavily as a bad junior year, if not more, given that it is hard to play catch-up.

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The fun yet challenging environment we offer encourages learning and keeps students focused on their success.

We encourage parents to seek comprehensive assistance for the high school child early in the freshman year. We will evaluate your goals, your child’s strengths and needs, and discuss what type of program would assist you in reaching your goals. We encourage you to think beyond the short-term and look to long-term implications, to start with career options and work backward to now. And remember – the longer you wait to intervene, the more your student cannot undo, from grades to SAT and ACT results to applications for college.

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