For Educators

Teachers and counselors face formidable tasks in helping students meet personal goals. Responsible for large numbers of students, you must balance group instruction with individual needs. Some students with learning issues, underperformance of significant challenges receive help from teachers and resource centers on site, but other students, for a variety of reasons, find they need outside assistance, whether in tutoring or test preparation. We not only offer those services, we also deliver those services with competence and experience. We take pride in our history of consistently delivering tangible and intangible positive results for our clients, whether in higher grades and test scores or newfound levels of self-esteem and determination.

We see education as a team effort that involves the student, the parents, the teachers, the counselors and outside support services.

We all work toward the same goal – higher achieving students whose improvements make everyone feel, “job well done.” We certainly reject the idea of education as a competition among colleagues; we regularly collaborate with teachers, counselors and administrators to help do right for students. We value our long relationships with so many educators in this community, at public, private and parochial schools.

When you refer a student or parent to us, you can be sure your referral will receive

  • Personal assessments of academic performance issues
  • A customized action plan to reach mutually defined goals
  • Individual one-on-one instruction tailored to the student’s unique learning style and personal strengths and needs
  • Consultation and collaboration with teachers, counselors and administrators as requested or deemed appropriate
  • Regular communication with educators when necessary to facilitate improved classroom performance

We believe we offer a service unlike any other available in the St. Louis community, and we thank those of you with whom we have worked for your trust in us.

Increase Your Test Score

The fun yet challenging environment we offer encourages learning and keeps students focused on their success.

We encourage you to explore the rest of our site. To understand more of what we do with different student profiles, please check out the Case Studies page. For the latest developments in education, visit our Moving Minds forum and participate in our blog discussions. And if you have a question about our services or would like to discuss a potential client, please drop us an email.