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Mackler Associates is open to Chesterfield students who want to study for the college-entrance exams. We feel students deserve to practice taking the SAT or ACT in an environment that simulates a real exam. If you or your child needs help with math, reading, writing, high school coursework, or SAT and ACT prep, our highly trained tutors can point them in the right direction.

Mackler Associates offers in-person and online tutoring for all subjects, including test prep for the SAT and ACT as well as development of study skills. Mackler Associates has been helping students successfully complete all of their needs to prepare for the ACT and SAT for more than two decades. Mackler is happy to assist students of all ages throughout the St. Louis and Chesterfield area, providing them high-quality, customized tutoring services. Mackler provides you with a high-quality Chesterfield ACT SAT prep tutor that can work closely with you to help you properly prepare for the SAT or ACT test. If you or your child needs help with math, reading, writing, high school coursework, or SAT and ACT prep, our highly trained tutors can point them in the right direction.

Each year, Mackler helps numerous students prepare for important standardized tests to attend top colleges and universities throughout the U.S.

For students to achieve their best results on the SAT and ACT, we believe it’s important for them to prepare in an environment that accurately simulates the real-world exam experience. We advise students who are comfortable and caught up on regular schoolwork to start their SAT tutor preparation at least three months prior to taking the SAT. Test prep, SAT tutor, and college consulting experts typically recommend that students take the SAT and ACT at least twice. Performing well on the ACT usually starts with taking a practice test, so students can see where they are at and where they need improvement. ACT practice tests can be a great way for students to get comfortable with the content, and they can also be used as a diagnostic exam.

A high score on an ACT test at one school can be ranked lower than one from another, depending on the admissions standards that individual colleges have in place. The ACT score some college-counseling professionals emphasize as a high-water mark for selective institutions is 34. While being lower than this does not automatically disqualify students, it can indicate a school is prioritizing prospective students’ ACT scores. If the SAT or ACT score requirement is much higher than the student’s score, students might consider not sending scores if the college is testing-optional, as sending scores is not likely to help their application. Experts suggest that few students are likely to take standardized tests since they are still optional at many schools, meaning taking the test and sending in a score can provide an additional data point for an admissions officer to use to assess the applicant, which can help them to stand out during the admissions process.

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The fun yet challenging environment we offer encourages learning and keeps students focused on their success.

Image of a tutor preparing Chesterfield student for the SAT and ACT.

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Mackler Associates, the premiere Chesterfield ACT SAT prep tutor, takes pride in being your solution for tutoring all grades and subjects. We prep students for standardized admissions tests, mostly ACT and SAT, but also the SSAT and ASVAB tests. Our SAT tutor sessions are designed to effectively prepare students for the real SAT and other college admissions tests. We believe every student can get better, every student has their own personal way of finding answers, and the tutor’s job is to lead them toward reaching their full potential. Mackler moves minds forward.

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