U.S. News recently released 6 tips for taking the ACT/SAT and we’d like to add a few more:

#1 Incubate

After studying for the ACT/SAT allow your mind to settle. This is called the incubation period. During this time your brain is digesting the information and taking a firm grasp of it.

#2 Eat Breakfast

This might seem like a rather obvious tip, but often times breakfast is overlooked. Your body is a machine and it needs to fuel to run. On days where maximum brain power is needed, be sure to fuel up with a healthy breakfast that can get you through the mental marathon!

#3 Track Bubbles

The ACT/SAT  is hard enough and losing track of your place on the scantron can make it even harder! So instead of spending 20 minutes erasing and refilling the missed bubbles, take a second after every 10 questions to double check that your bubbles are filled in correctly.

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