School’s Out! …Now What?

Perpetual relaxation, video games, vacations, and parties are often the topic of conversation for things to do during the summer. And justifiably so! Final exams, projects, and standardized tests have just finished, and educational responsibilities are paused for a well-deserved three-month break.

While it is incredibly important to relax and enter the upcoming school year fresh and ready to learn, there are fun ways we can stay sharp too.

Learning Benefits from Culture

In St. Louis, we have an especially rich and diverse culture, and there are many events that highlight this which free to attend! Young minds can casually engage and learn about art and culture from which they can draw inspiration during the school year.

St. Louis Cultural Resources

There are quite a few free cultural hotspots in St. Louis. Here are few: Shakespeare in the Park (ends soon!), The St. Louis Art Museum, The History Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM). There are also many resources to find information about local events, such as Alive Magazine, Explore St. Louis, the Riverfront Times, Sauce, and Feast.

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