9 Year-Old Florida Student Gives Opinion on Testing

While it varies from state to state or city to city whether students are allowed to opt out of “high stakes testing,” there is no denying that The United Opt-Out Movement’s mission has gained momentum. If you’re new to the forum, here is a brief recap of the struggle between standardized tests and parents, students, some superintendents, school boards and even government officials:

Standardized tests: friend or foe? It’s good to have standards. It’s good to hold yourselves (or your children) accountable to a good education. Of those things, there isn’t any question. The question is if the test preparation period and the number of these tests reaching a gratuitous amount that is impeding on classroom time and children’s ability to retain knowledge. Is the question, “Is it going to be on the test?” being asked too often? And are we teaching our kids to learn or are we teaching our kids only to regurgitate information?

We’ve heard a lot from the authorities listed above, but how about the children? Click here to hear from a 9 year-old student and her perspective on the matter as presented in front of the Hernando County School Board in Florida. Do you agree with her? Disagree?